Collecting of a big oak

This oak is collected by me in October 2012 . My idea is not to make this lovely tree small , but to keep its original size with a little corrections of the branches.

Handmade pots for shohin bonsais

New pots for sale or trade :

1) Size ( 13,5cm. / 9,8 cm. / 4 cm. high. )

2) Size ( round 7,5 cm. / 7,5 cm. / 9,5 cm. high. ) For cascade style.

3) Size ( round 12 cm. / 12 cm. / 3,5 cm. high. )

4) Size ( round 9,5cm. / 9,5 cm. / 4,7 cm. high. )

5) Size ( round  7,5 cm. / 7,5 cm. / 4 cm. high )

Carpinus orientalis

This tree is a gift from a friend.
He was decided to develop it in a different from my view way .
This is the first foto of the tree after his placement in a pot:

I decided to wire the tree following my project:

And my personal opinion is that now , in the spring this Carpinus orientalis looks much better:

Merry Christmas

Dear Friends ,may the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holy season, and throughout the year! Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness.

Ivan Dukov - well known master of handmade pottery

Let me introduce you my friend - Ivan Dukov. He is the owner of the most famous studio for handmade pottery in Bulgaria - Studio Rosalina . Each one of us can visit his site on :

Many of the bonsai enthusiasts in ower country have trees in pots made by Ivan . He himself has a lot of bonsai trees , and is preparing some of them to become future champions.

Enjoy some of his trees :

Ivan is working in his studio:

Ivan is something as a mentor for me. He often gives me some of his trees as a presents. Two of his last gifts :

Thank you my friend!


I was a guest to my friend and a man with the biggest bonsai collection in Bulgaria -engineer Trifon Trifonov. He is the owner of Garden Centre "Home Garden" - the most beautiful place for me.
With the members of Bonsai Club Bulgaria i was invited to join the monthly workshop of the club.
Thank you friends!